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Speratum-Retractable Pressure Sprayer

Speratum-Retractable Pressure Sprayer - Activeadultliving

Speratum-Retractable Pressure Sprayer

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The ultimate sprayer for a fully hydrated garden

We know how hard spraying a lush tall garden can get, that’s why we’ve created a sprayer that can reach up to 3.7m to make sure no high leaf or hidden flower gets missed!

You don’t need a ladder to spray the pesticides all-round! Speratum is a great time saver and an efficient watering solution that can save you from annoying gardening work.

Nothing can hide from this retractable sprayer! Keeping trees and crops fully sprayed is so easy when you have all the reach you’ll need. Speratum saves you from the hassle and your garden from the critters!

Why Speratum is for you

Spray the unreachable- Speratum extends up to 3.7m for you to easily reach the hidden plants! Nothing is hard to spray anymore!

Hydrate without hassle- Spraying the tall branches or distant bushes requires no effort at all! Efficient spraying is easily achieved using the wide nozzle.

A summer savior- Save your greenery from the summer heat with a fresh stream that can reach anywhere. Every plant will survive the hot droughts!

Speratum is the ultimate choice- Ensure the health of your plants by spraying them from head to toe! With Speratum nothing is unreachable!

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