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Neck Traction Pillow

Neck Traction Pillow

Neck Traction Pillow

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This device gently stretches your muscles and decompress your spine to help reduce neck pain over time. NeckFix  helps for:

❖ Relieve muscle tension
❖ Relieve Headaches, Stiffness, and Dizziness
❖ Pinched nerves
❖ Neck Strains
❖ Bulging or herniated disks
❖ Cervical spondylosis
❖ Promote joint nutrition and flexibility

✅ RECOMMENDED BY CHIROPRACTORS: If you have Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headache, Stiffness or Dizziness then our NeckFix device is for you!

✅ THE BEST NECK PAIN RELIEF DEVICE!  According to anatomical landmarks, our spine alignment tool/traction unit offers the best relief for neck pain, due to its unique specific curves. This adjustable spinal traction decompressor maintains proper neck posture allowing it to heal. It prevents neck injury and pain. For those suffering from back and spinal decompression, the product helps as home therapy. 

✅ OUR PACK INCLUDE: Cervical Neck Traction Device, Trigger Point Massage Ball, Carry Zipper Bag

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